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Debian Quebec is here :)

As many of you already know by now, Debian 7 is here! I’ve been using Debian as my primary work environment for a few months now and Trisquel at home for the past year and a half or so. My advocacy work has changed as a result, and I stopped focusing on Ubuntu, while still… Lire la suite »

New LibrePlanet LiveCode users group

I’ve recently been involved in a project with a customer to set up their development team to use LiveCode on Debian workstations. If you haven’t heard about LiveCode, they recently had 3,342 backers pledge £493,795 of the initial £350,000 goal on Kickstarter. That’s quite an accomplishment! I am not involved in the development part of… Lire la suite »

Moving on: how?

I am really sad to see so much energy spent by the community criticizing Canonical and on Canonical’s side, trying to explain and justify so many decisions and actions. My main concern is all this energy being directed where it doesn’t stand a chance to make a difference, as we know all the rocket pieces… Lire la suite »

OpenStreetMap pour la cartographie libre de votre site web

J’ai récemment conçu et mis en ligne un site web d’informations pour La foulée des parcs, un événement sportif de course à pied qui aura lieu à Outremont (Montréal) cet été. On m’avait suggéré d’utiliser Google Maps et le matériel qu’on m’avait donné consistait en quelques captures d’écran de parcours générés via J’ai décidé… Lire la suite »

Ajenti, another web admin panel

I just found out about Ajenti, a system management Web UI (released as free open source software under the GPLv3 license), it may be useful to manage desktops and small server setups, as opposed to other projects like Zentyal which do a lot more. I’ve asked if it’s compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (which would… Lire la suite »