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New LibrePlanet LiveCode users group

I’ve recently been involved in a project with a customer to set up their development team to use LiveCode on Debian workstations. If you haven’t heard about LiveCode, they recently had 3,342 backers pledge £493,795 of the initial £350,000 goal on Kickstarter. That’s quite an accomplishment! I am not involved in the development part of this project, only in providing infrastructure support and services.

Since we needed to start working on documentation and I already work with other colleagues via IRC, I thought it would be useful to start a wiki space and IRC channel, and other resources via the dedicated resources provided by the Free Software Foundation in addition to upcoming resources that may be provided by RunRev, the creators of LiveCode.

The goal here is to collaborate with the community and help RunRev in this initial transition to open sourcing LiveCode, while offloading some of the self support to the FSF infrastructure (via LibrePlanet which is their community portal/resource).

If anyone is interested, a few initial resources and links have been put together already.

It looks like many people are already using LiveCode on Ubuntu, judging by the many screenshots in existing tutorials and guides. I hope other Debian derivatives benefit from this and perhaps even other distributions.