Common Cut & Paste

I like DoctorMo’s motto – Common Everything.

My vote goes out to Common Cut & Paste across all applications in Gnome, though. Sounds trivial, but it ain’t, I know.

Although I commented on his post, I wanted to elaborate on this. But the truth is that plain and simple, there seems to be no coherence between cut, copy & paste functionality across applications in Gnome. I am not sure where to begin reporting this, perhaps as bugs in separate applications. Maybe within I already mentioned this internally to our Desktop Experience Usability team (DUX as we call it), it seems the task is not easy. Or is it ? I’d like to focus on this one thing that annoys me, maybe others can join me 🙂


Canonical AllHands meeting rocked

I am just a few hours from flying back to Montreal, after spending an amazing week with Canonical in Barcelona, at our AllHands meeting.

Open this post on my blog to see image captions.

Imagine a few hundred people gathered in a big conference were presentations go from Android on Ubuntu to Making Ubuntu family-friendly to Ubuntu One development to Mastering Unicode to project updates … well you get the point. Oh, and everyone of them is a colleague. The challenge here was to go beyond shaking as many hands as possible and trying to find out what we all had in common to best push Ubuntu forward, while looking at our best shots without losing sight on things to improve and innovate on.

Pfew! If that sounded like an intense few days, it was. I am glad I planned on sleeping very little.

I hope this gives a small insight into how great this big Canonical-family meeting was.

Now UDS follows, although I won’t be attending I trust my many mates will drive this one home too.

Cheers to all and see you soon, somewhere 🙂