Dear Lazy Web: are Sony Memory Stick (MS) and Memory Stick Pro (MSP) Ubuntu-friendly ?

I’ve just filed Bug #237369,JMicron card reader (152d:2339) in HP Pavilion 2035la doesn’t support Memory Stick Pro (MSP) for a friend in the -co channel that has an HP Pavilion DV 2035la (or DV 2000 series as they call it). I was a bit surprised that Sony Memory Stick (MS) and Memory Stick Pro (MSP) cards would not be supported yet and I am seeing contradictory reports on this.

Apparently MS* support is card-reader specific, and this one’s USB id (152d:2339) doesn’t seem very common.

If anyone knows what the status of MS* support is in Linux (and Ubuntu specifically), I’ll gladly stop writing keyword intensive posts like this one 🙂