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Ubuntu in Haiti

If you’re in Haiti or know anyone near Grand-Goave please let me know, I am here for a week and I’ll be training a few teachers on a new lab we’re putting together thanks to a donation via Micro Recyc Coopération.

The training will focus on free software and its origins / advantages, using LibreOffice, the GNU/Linux desktop and installing Debian, Ubuntu and Trisquel. Oh, and making CAT5e cables 🙂 The goal is to have two full training days next week, Monday and Tuesday. Training is free and open to the public, but you need to contact me or add yourself to the wiki (see next paragraph).

I am also seeking help to work on the Ubuntu Haiti wiki. If you know any organizations using Ubuntu in Haiti, this would be a good time to add them there. I am susbcribed to it so I’ll get any updates as they happen.

Although my current Internet access is spotty, I can be reached by email, check my contact page.


Geeks for Haiti

My weekend is starting, perhaps as it is for many geeks in NorthAmerica out there.

Those of you wondering how to help Haiti relief efforts with your knowledge and time (or money) can take a look at the following projects:

Remember there are many ways you can help in the above projects & efforts, without necessarily limiting that to money or physical presence.

Wiki cleanup, documentation, translation, or even just advertising any of the above projects in your social networks may go a long way.

Have a nice weekend!


Alarme de feu: êtes-vous prêts? 15 questions à se poser avant d’évacuer

Ce matin je participe à un comité qui décide de subventions au démarrage de nouvelles entreprises, centre-ville de Montréal. Cinquième étage, mon bureau mobile m’accompagne: laptop, souris usb, cahier de notes, le reste dans le sac à dos. L’alarme de feu sonne, et j’ai machinalement ramassé mes affaires et évacué en même temps que le premier groupe, alors que j’ai vu certaines personnes s’attarder à ramasser leurs effets ou carrément attendre une confirmation. Êtes-vous prêts ? Continuer la lecture de Alarme de feu: êtes-vous prêts? 15 questions à se poser avant d’évacuer