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Atheros AR9170 [0cf3:1002] et Atheros AR9271 [0cf3:9271] avec Debian 7 (Wheezy)

J’utilise Trisquel depuis quelques années et au fil de mes lectures sur les forums et grâce aux interventions fréquentes et verbeuses de Christopher Waid (« Chris » sur les forums) j’ai découvert ThinkPenguin. Le choix du matériel qui puisse utiliser des pilotes logiciels et microcode (« firmware ») 100% libres est tout aussi important que le choix du système… Lire la suite »

Rogers Canada: how NOT to sell Android

I love Android (the platform, as a colleague put it). But I hate my cellphone provider, Rogers Canada. I hope that’s clear. Rogers CANADA. Being a community, people-oriented person, free software activist and open source enthusiast, and on top of that a full time technical trainer and support analyst, last summer when I heard that… Lire la suite »

Geeks for Haiti

My weekend is starting, perhaps as it is for many geeks in NorthAmerica out there. Those of you wondering how to help Haiti relief efforts with your knowledge and time (or money) can take a look at the following projects: Haiti OpenStreeMap response – this blog post illustrates nicely how open & free data is… Lire la suite »

Become a router port forwarding guru in 5 minutes

If you’ve ever helped someone over the phone change any router configuration, you know it’s a bit of a challenge to guide anyone through the mazes of menus and options each different router has just to enable port forwarding for any given application. Fear not, you can now become your local neighborhood router guru, just… Lire la suite »