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Software Freedom Day tomorrow in Montreal / demain à Montréal

Don’t miss it! À ne pas manquer! This year I was able to bring two simultaneaous events together, in different locations. Cette année j’ai pu programmer 2 événements différents, ça se passe demain, à deux endroits différents :). Les détails à / All details at: See you there! À demain!

Acer, HP and MSI netbooks seen at Bureau en Gros in Montreal

Today I went to Bureau en Gros, which is the same as Staples stores in the USA. Think of it as the office supplies and electronics / computing store. Although I knew netbooks were coming « sometime soon » I didn’t expect to see them here in Montreal, particularly at a « mainstream » store like BeG! I took… Lire la suite »

Decreto 1014 sobre el uso del software libre en el gobierno ecuatoriano

I got this via FSF Latin America, however it’s beeing reported in a few other places. The Ecuador Government now has a free-software law and will pretty much mandate that its government uses free, open-source software only. They cite « technology sovereignty and autonomy » and the main concerns, among many others. The Ecuador Ubuntu LoCo Team… Lire la suite »

Venezuela Launches Sale of Bolivarian Computers – and they run Ubuntu too :)

In less than 1.5 years the Venezuelan governement went from zero, creating a partnership with a Chinese company, to mass production of affordable desktop and laptop computers running free software (full specs here), with a big price difference compared to other local offerings, up to 40%! This is less than 3 years after announcing a… Lire la suite »