Acer, HP and MSI netbooks seen at Bureau en Gros in Montreal

Netbooks at Bureau en grosToday I went to Bureau en Gros, which is the same as Staples stores in the USA. Think of it as the office supplies and electronics / computing store. Although I knew netbooks were coming « sometime soon » I didn’t expect to see them here in Montreal, particularly at a « mainstream » store like BeG!

I took some pictures, but here are direct links to BeG online catalog:

Update: I am told this guide to install Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One should be in my post 😉
Update 2: The Aspire One has since gone out of stock and is not even in the catalog anymore!

I find it very interesting they were side by side and had clear tech specs, including operating systems right down to the graphics chipset. I took more detailed pictures, although not very high res as I only had my phone camera at the time. I’ve put them all on Flickr in case anyone is curious. Can’t wait to see any Ubuntu netbook remix machines available in Canadian retail stores!


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  1. I work part-time at a Staples in Edmonton, Alberta; I was sad when the Aspire One sold out of the 8GB SSD Linux version, as I was going to buy it! Indeed, it is out of stock and it is seemingly unorderable. The EeePC 901s (both the linux and XP versions) are special orders though (a few months ago we had the 701s, but they sold out pretty fast and we aren’t getting any more in).

    I’m hoping, since Staples now carries Dells, that we’ll see an Ubuntu netbook remix Dell sometime soon.

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