Venezuela Launches Sale of Bolivarian Computers – and they run Ubuntu too :)

In less than 1.5 years the Venezuelan governement went from zero, creating a partnership with a Chinese company, to mass production of affordable desktop and laptop computers running free software (full specs here), with a big price difference compared to other local offerings, up to 40%! This is less than 3 years after announcing a massive move to free software in all government agencies.

I’ ve blogged before about the action in Venezuela, but this blows my mind. Well, at least as much as the Guadalinex project and their 400 000 desktops deployment.

Although they remain vague in the choice of operating systems, all the annoucements about the « Bolivarian » Computers launch do mention they will run Gnu/Linux and  » be compatible  » with Windows. Even production is local. And what capacity do they have ? 150K units a year, that’ s right 150 000 systems every year. In case you haven’t noticed, Ecuador and Cuba have recently announced free, open-source software policies to replace existing IT operations agressively. Coincidence ? I think not.

Scrolling down to the very last question in their FAQ, we can see:

De manera consecuente con la misión de alcanzar la Independencia Tecnológica de la Nación, VIT promueve el empleo del Software Libre, por lo que los equipos son entregados a solicitud del cliente con sistema operativo bajo ambiente Linux, siendo compatibles con Knoppix, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Debian y otros.

which translates to

Followin our mission to reach Technological Independency of our Nation, VIT promotes the use of Free Software, so the systems are delivered to customers with Linux operating systems, compatible with Knoppix, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Debian and others.

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4 réflexions sur « Venezuela Launches Sale of Bolivarian Computers – and they run Ubuntu too :) »

  1. Some day I wish I could get (paid) work to go and help one of these government from the less advanced countries.. I would really put myself into it, and I think I could benefit them in numerous ways… I mean, managing those processes and advancement programs.

    Ah well, just a day dream 🙁

  2. This is just amazing stuff.

    You guys down there deserve a lot of appreciation. Whyat amazes me about Linux is not where it is « at », but the « speed » that it is moving at.

    Please pass on our comments that you guys are doing impressive work that the rest of the world is watching and learing from.

    I am an Aussie living in asia and I think that we will need a model to follow in order to get the people off the Windows addiction. This could very well be the model to follow.

    Thanks for letting me know about this .


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