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Ubucon Colombia this Saturday Nov. 29

Ubucon ColombiaFollowing a long tradition, an Ubucon will be rocking Bogotá, Colombia no less! The date is this coming Saturday Nov. 29th. Save the date!

The Colombian LoCo Team has been very actively preparing for this event, they even lined up some sponsors. There will be 2 separate conference tracks and one workshop track, and the event will be streamed live. This looks to be a lot more than an informal gathering! All details are available on the website.

It’s exciting to see local business and enthusiasts getting together around Ubuntu. Make sure you file the registration form if you’re attending.


Ubucon Guatemala on Sunday September 7

Last week I wrote about Ubucon San Salvador coming up this Saturday well guess what!!!

I’ll be stopping for a few days in Guatemala on my way back to Canada and I dropped an email to some ubunteros in Guatemala – it looks like we’re going to have a nice gathering there too! I’ll be presenting but mostly meeting the local community and learning about them. What a weekend!

So… if you’re in San Salvador or Guatemala city this weekend… come and spend some time with the local Ubunteros.

See you there!


Ubucon San Salvador on Saturday Sept. 6th! Save the date!

I am thrilled to announce El Salvador Ubuntu LoCo Team will be hosting an Ubucon El Salvador next Saturday September 6th!

El Salvador LoCo team logo

I’ll be spending next week in San Salvador and I thought it would be nice to meet some Ubunteros there. I wrote to their mailing list, one thing led to another and *boom* ! Having presented at Ubucons in Seville, New York City and San Francisco before I am really happy to add one to my list ! I am trying to think of any sentence in this post I wouldn’t end with an exclamation mark but I can’t !!!

A few emails and IRC chats were enough to settle on having a round table to discuss Ubuntu’s place in free software, Celvin Rivas will also be presenting about the state of Ubuntu in El Salvador. If there’s enough people interested there’s discussion about having some workshops – gotta love last minute things 🙂

From « Running an Ubucon« :

An Ubucon is a community driven, community organised event that is all about Ubuntu. These events often include a number of speakers, BOF sessions, demos, social events and more, and they are excellent ways to grow the Ubuntu community in your area, and to build an interesting and fun event. Ubucons are different to large Linux expos and conferences in that they are uniquely community focused and driven, and uniquely Ubuntu.