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Taking Android screenshots from Ubuntu Jaunty

I’ve just added a detailed guide on how to take Android phone screenshots from Ubuntu Jaunty to the Ubuntu community documentation.

I kept following other guides and blogs without success until I came across this bug report about a missing udev rule for the Android devices. Ew!

I also noticed many guides indicate Eclipse + Android plugins (latest release, manually installed) are needed for this which is not the case! Dalvik Debug Monitor (ddms) works just fine without any other third-party, manually installed apps. This is what it should look like once it « sees » your phone:


It’s weird that taking screenshots isn’t easier, as this effectively prevents documenting and illustrating many interesting features. I hope the guide makes it easier for anyone to share their findings in using their Android devices. This should also help prepare training or support material, hint, hint 🙂


The above screenshot shows missed calls, USB connectivity status, Change Settings shortcut in notifications, TwitDroid pending dents (despite the name, it supports which is what I use it for), Wifi connectivity status, Vibration mode, cell phone signal, battery status, alarm enabled and the current time, all in the status bar.

I also have a few widgets on the desktop (if that’s what it’s called…), otherwise I am using the default launcher and configuration.

Unless something specifically involves Ubuntu, I’ll mostly be posting only to Planet Android, which I recently joined. See you there (or here).


Annoncing Ubuntu 9.04 release parties in Quebec, Canada

Just a quick note to invite anyone in or near Montreal or Quebec City, we’ll be celebrating the Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 release on April 30th.

Word is out that people in Abitibi will also get together, I’ll have more information in the next few days 🙂

All the gruesome details at:


New Ubuntu mirror in Colombia now available!

See for yourself under System > Administration > Software Sources > Download from: Other…, scroll down the list and check under Colombia:

Ubuntu Colombian mirror

See the announcement here – great to see the Ubuntu Colombian LoCo team rocking! Thanks to the Mathematics department at Universidad Nacional in Colombia and for all involved in making this possible.

If you want to setup an official Ubuntu mirror, check:


Jaunty Candy

Here’s some candy I am enjoying in Jaunty:

Per-user language settings under System > Administration > Language support:

Cryptkeeper, (package: cryptkeeper) a tray applet to graphically manage EncFS encrypted directories:

ext4 filesystem support in the Gnome partition editor (package: gparted):

I’d love to hear about any of your favorite Jaunty candy too 🙂