Taking Android screenshots from Ubuntu Jaunty

I’ve just added a detailed guide on how to take Android phone screenshots from Ubuntu Jaunty to the Ubuntu community documentation.

I kept following other guides and blogs without success until I came across this bug report about a missing udev rule for the Android devices. Ew!

I also noticed many guides indicate Eclipse + Android plugins (latest release, manually installed) are needed for this which is not the case! Dalvik Debug Monitor (ddms) works just fine without any other third-party, manually installed apps. This is what it should look like once it « sees » your phone:


It’s weird that taking screenshots isn’t easier, as this effectively prevents documenting and illustrating many interesting features. I hope the guide makes it easier for anyone to share their findings in using their Android devices. This should also help prepare training or support material, hint, hint 🙂


The above screenshot shows missed calls, USB connectivity status, Change Settings shortcut in notifications, TwitDroid pending dents (despite the name, it supports identi.ca which is what I use it for), Wifi connectivity status, Vibration mode, cell phone signal, battery status, alarm enabled and the current time, all in the status bar.

I also have a few widgets on the desktop (if that’s what it’s called…), otherwise I am using the default launcher and configuration.

Unless something specifically involves Ubuntu, I’ll mostly be posting only to Planet Android, which I recently joined. See you there (or here).


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    Your Planet Android hackergotchi positively suck. You need to use your fighter pilot helmet one instead!

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    What’s the weather widget you’re using? I’ve had great difficulty finding a decent one on the Market.

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    Thanks for the Wiki entry on taking screenshots. It was very helpful.

    I don’t think you need to mount the SD card to get it to work, though.

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    @A.Y. Siu, I am not sure I understand, the wiki says « without mounting the SD card as mass storage ».

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