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Mes applications Android

Plutôt que de lui montrer une par une les applications Android libres que j’utilise sur mon téléphone, j’ai proposé à un collègue de Koumbit de lui envoyer la liste au complet.

Ça fait deux ou trois ans que je n’utilise plus aucune application Google (les fameuses « GApps ») sur CyanogenMod, et je survis quand même à cet isolement (et liberté!) technologique des services Google. Voici donc la liste:

Cette liste a été en partie générée par List My Apps.


Ubuntu and the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

It’s been a few weeks already that I joined the Maemo contributor program, which entitled me to a good discount to get a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

While I’m proud I was chosen among 500 other contributors-to-be, it really was an ordeal to just get the device. I imagine it’s not easy to set this kind of program up, including coordinating discounts in differents currencies, inventory, shipping, etc. But this being Nokia and their third time running this kind of program, it’s very sad they chose not to tell when problems and delays occured, letalone the fact those happened in the first place.

Unfortunately the holidays came and went and the devices were available at full price for a good time before any contributor got their device. Combine that with dog-slow online stores filled with hungry Flash animations, rude customer service reps and it’s almost a miracle the N810 made it my door. I can’t see what the greater plan is in terms of building a contributor community. Maybe this is some kind of « Amazing Race » obstacle course, for sure the few remaining are the bravest.

Some of you will hunt me down and spam me with threaths and « die, ungrateful spoiled kid » messages, but in the end this won’t change my opinion that this is the worse consumer experience I’ve had in a long time, and I think it is unfair to just go about it like it doesn’t matter. I reminds me of the OpenMoko debuts. Who cares if a product is a precursor in technological freedom if it can’t even be delivered to developers on time ?

Now, going back to the topic of blogging about the N810…

As a full-time Ubuntu user at work and home, I am planning to report about everyday use with an emphasis on VoIP, free media formats use and support (or lack thereof) and generally its « level of freedom » in terms of applications and sync’ing. I don’t intend to write a single line of code – instead I chose to help with bug reports, documentation and some blogging.

For now I am just putting together any links directly related to Ubuntu or LInux in general at the Mobile Devices / Nokia page on the Ubuntu community docs wiki, and trying some of them. If anyone’s interested in contributing to that resource or just finding out about its updates, consider registering to the Ubuntu docs wiki site and subscribing to that resource.

I’d love to see Ubuntu installed and working on the Nokia devices, but just to be clear, I don’t intend to work on that nor do I have any personal or professional plans to do so. To be super-extra clear, I just want to see how well the open Internet tablet scores with Ubuntu – while making it better at it, hopefully. And no, this has nothing to do with Ubuntu Mobile.

Sad as it sounds, there may never be a « year of the Linux Desktop. Linux world domination by 2008 as Eric S. Raymond described it will most probably happen with mobile and embedded devices.


Neo FreeRunner – le mobile libre arrive en 2008

OpenMoko a officiellement annoncé leur nouvel appareil open-source Neo FreeRunner. Le Neo FreeRunner pourrait avoir un air familier – mais peut-être parce que c’est une version grand public du Moko 1973 à base de Linux. Le Neo FreeRunner a gardé l’ensemble du design, bien qu’il y ait eu des améliorations : un processeur 500Mhz, le support graphisme 3D, ainsi qu’une nouvelle collection d’applications mobiles open-source. Les autres caractéristiques comprennent le support tribande GSM, connectivité WiFi et technologie à base de gestes. Le prix et la disponibilité ne sont pas connus pour le moment. Pour en savoir plus, voyez le communiqué de presse ici.

Étrangement, je ne retrouve pas le communiqué sur le site officiel d’OpenMoko. Le CES 2008 a lieu la semaine prochaine, donc on ne tardera pas à avoir plus de détails! Ça tombe bien, mon téléphone mobile a passé dans la laveuse la semaine dernière!

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Webcams anyone ?

Dear Lazy Web: for some reason these days several people are asking me the same question – What Webcam is the cheapest and best to use in Ubuntu ? Of course, it HAS to work with Cheese and video in Skype.

I’d love to know if anyone has suggestions from or or, in that order 🙂

The Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX seemed like a good candidate but it’s out of stock.

Perhaps what we need is some mashup of this, this and this.


Joining the Nokia N810 maemo device program

A few weeks ago I applied to the Nokia N810 maemo device program, as I’ ve become more and more interested in mobile devices. I thought my profile would fit their description of candidates fit for the program.

My close friends know a thing or two about my obsession with mobility (and, consequently, VoIP). I often have enough in my backpack to set up shop (or office) most anywhere and colleagues often come to me with unusual requests for adapters, connectors or accessories that I locate quickly among my desktop chaos. Unless you have lots of free time you don’t want my advice on the subject (including what kind of backpack best carries it all).

Last week I got an email announcing I had been accepted in the program, which means I’ll be able to buy a (discounted) device! Living in Montreal will no doubt help as we have a large free wireless network provided by Ile sans Fil.

My application basically proposed to work and contribute in the following areas, from a non-developer, end-user point of view:

  • Making the N810 work flawlessly with Ubuntu: syncing, access to data, etc.
  • Look for language support problems
  • Abuse the device’s VoIP and video capabilities
  • Obsessively use and abuse Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora content
  • Share the device with colleagues & friends and collect input about all the above
  • Report bugs, document and review this device on my blog based on all the above

I was clear in my application I won’ t be doing any dev work, and I have never contributed to the maemo project before, so I am happy I got accepeted and hope I will make the best of it.