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Conoces un Ubuntero hispano ? Do you know an Ubuntu user that speaks Spanish ?

If you know any Ubuntu users interested in getting some first-hand help with Ubuntu, in Spanish, check this post from Diego Turcios, Ubuntu Honduras team lead.

The Ubuntu Users Day will also be held in Spanish! Diego and his team invited me to host a session and I gladly accepted to host the same I will be doing in English. My deepest appreciation to Pablo Rubianes who started this initiative for the Spanish Ubuntu users.

I’ll be teaching / chatting / taking questions about how to best choose your hardware so it works with Ubuntu. It’s on January 23rd, save the date!


Webcams anyone ?

Dear Lazy Web: for some reason these days several people are asking me the same question – What Webcam is the cheapest and best to use in Ubuntu ? Of course, it HAS to work with Cheese and video in Skype.

I’d love to know if anyone has suggestions from or or, in that order 🙂

The Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX seemed like a good candidate but it’s out of stock.

Perhaps what we need is some mashup of this, this and this.