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Canonical Support Team at UDS – Day 1

Canonical’s Support Team (part of Canonical Global Support Services) is at UDS 🙂 My colleague Shang Wu and I are at UDS representing our team, those folks we work with at the Montreal office where customers from all over the world get help with Ubuntu. « Support » includes of course going through help requests we get… Lire la suite »

New Vostro Systems for Emerging Economies: Ubuntu in More Countries

The Direct2Dell blog is a great way to find out about new Ubuntu development and products at Dell from a reliable source one can actually quote publically 🙂 From my seat on the support side of things, I used to worry about such exposure – how can you give tech support to so many new… Lire la suite »

Getting your Dell service tag number from command line in Ubuntu

If you’re using Ubuntu with a Dell computer (from factory or else), there is a handy command to get your service tag number. This is handy in support situations (if you’re getting support or providing it) when the service tag number can’t be read because it’s inaccessible, too small, or simply gone – some older… Lire la suite »