Welcome our new Dell Mini 9 friends

If the amount of people that called for support for their Dell Mini 9 over the holidays is any indication, we’re bound to see quite a few new users of Ubuntu that own this nice system!

If you know someone that uses a Mini 9, remember there is official documentation for the Ubuntu version (8.04) that ships in it at http://help.ubuntu.com . That may sound obvious but many experienced Ubuntu users don’t refer much to those docs and as a result don’t know it even exists 🙂

I also wanted to share a lot of tips, tricks and known issues as well as useful links (such as where to ask a question in Launchpad Answers) that have been put together at:

If you have a Mini 9 and know your way around Ubuntu, you may also want to make yourself available as a contact for Launchpad Answers:

That’s particularly useful if you know about things that are specific to your geographic location (like ISP-specific settings, broadband access with USB keys, etc.).


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  1. Navigue avec Firefox 3.0.4 Firefox 3.0.4 sur Ubuntu 8.04 Ubuntu 8.04

    …and mini-12, and Toshiba nb100 (which I’m typing this on, damn my chubby fingers…)

    This netbook remix is excellent.

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