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If you still want Thunderbird in Ubuntu…

If you’re one of the rare species still wanting Thunderbird in Ubuntu as described in Jorge Castro’s recent post, you can help. I am more worried about Jorge’s other comments, following his logic Ubuntu and free software are only less and less relevant by the day – not a trend I am observing. Considering Canonical… Lire la suite »

Software Freedom Day tomorrow in Montreal / demain à Montréal

Don’t miss it! À ne pas manquer! This year I was able to bring two simultaneaous events together, in different locations. Cette année j’ai pu programmer 2 événements différents, ça se passe demain, à deux endroits différents :). Les détails à / All details at: See you there! À demain!

Ubuntu in Haiti

If you’re in Haiti or know anyone near Grand-Goave please let me know, I am here for a week and I’ll be training a few teachers on a new lab we’re putting together thanks to a donation via Micro Recyc Coopération. The training will focus on free software and its origins / advantages, using LibreOffice,… Lire la suite »

Thank you Ubuntu Québec and Facebook

Télévision de Radio-Canada is a Canadian French language television network. It is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, known in French as Société Radio-Canada, or just « Radio-Canada », for the rest of us. – from Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago they launched a new web site,, making « available » all their TV shows (or most… Lire la suite »

My Thunderbird extensions

In no particular order… Bugmail Thunderbird 2.0 – 3.0b2pre A bugtracker bugmail companion – provides a nice header with bug status, upstream links, etc. work nicely with Launchpad bug mail Buttons! Thunderbird 2.0b1 – 3.0 Adds buttons! Not sure how to explain them all… Compact Menu 2 Thunderbird 2.0 – 2.0.0.* Duplicates the menubar on… Lire la suite »