Which Android HTC Dream smartphone case ?

If you’re like me you want your phone with you all the time. HTC Dream phones and « smartphones » in general tend to be a bit bigger than regular cellphones, so most generic cases don’t fit. No biggie, this is Montreal, I should just be able to go to the next corner’s cell phone shop and get a proper case.

Not so fast!

I’ve had my phone for ~5 weeks now and during the first three weeks I couldn’t find a proper carrying case. Rogers doesn’t even carry any worth mentioning. And I mean none. Well, I’ve spotted some at the downtown store, but they were in hard plastic (go figure) or oversized and overpriced.

So every now and then, during lunch, when I spotted a cellphone accessories kiosk dowtown I would ask about a case for this phone. I went to La Source, Bell, La Cabine Téléphonique, etc. Hell, even the million-cases mini kiosks in underground Montreal couldn’t find anything for this phone!

Well guess what, Walmart near Décarie and Jean-Talon has it. I’ll spare you the details of why I ended up at Walmart, and I hate shopping there for a million reasons, but if the local shops can’t bother to carry something, I’ll gladly hand my money to WM. Although this applies to Montreal, this looks like a product at least a few stores carry online.

This Planet Wireless Smartphone Case (ref: PWSMT3BK) is made by Gentec International. Note the reference no., this one fits the HTC Dream perfectly. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, I think it was CDN$19.95. Not cheap, but not $40 like some cases at La Source!

Here, I thought I’d throw some pictures to illustrate this:


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    Picked up one that looks similar from futureshop for something like $20

    No hard cases really available in Canada though.

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