Hello Planet Android, from Quebec Canada

Hi there, I just recently got an HTC Dream phone and decided to join Planet Android to maximize the fun & sharing.

I am not going to say getting used to have a full computer + phone in my pocket, and on top of it being always connected was easy! But fun, yes. Useful, yes. Time-sink, yes 🙂

My main operating system both at home and at work is Ubuntu, so I’ll be posting about my personal and professional use of Android withing that context. I’ve started with the wiki page on portable Android devices, and I also post to the Android group in Identi.ca.

It’s puzzling that there don’t seem to be geographic-specific community groups for these, specially when you know they are, well, geographically tied to phone providers and GPS-enabled. If anyone in Quebec province (or in Canada, as Rogers provides service across Canada) is reading me, I’d like to hear ideas on where we can set a local resource: Google groups ? AndroidCommunity.com ?

I’ll start with my list of essentials as I am in week 3 of using this little marvel – which isn’t without its quirks. So stay tuned, and looking forward to read other non-developer stuff in Planet Android.