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Une belle heure Ubuntu à Outremont vendredi dernier!

Vendredi dernier, comme tous les vendredis, je suis allé au Bistro Araucaria pour l’Heure Ubuntu. Je m’y rends en bicyclette et tant qu’à rester chez moi les vendredi midi je viens au bistro et si des gens me rejoignent, tant mieux 🙂 J’ai eu une belle surprise, plusieurs membre d’Ubuntu QC ainsi que deux nouvelles… Lire la suite »

Canonical jobs: Support analyst based off London, and more

A new position for a support analyst based off London has just been opened at Canonical. It’s not listed on the website yet so I thought I’d give some lead to the Ubuntu Planet readers: Support Technical Analyst- Corporate Services I am sorry this is painfully obvious but if you don’t speak excellent English don’t… Lire la suite »

The bug reporting culture: 10 things to avoid, 10 things you can do

As a (relatively) long time Ubuntu user, occasional bug reporter and support analyst, I often deal with bug reporting and I feel your pain about bug reporting, Matt. This happens in many other free software projects, but I think Ubuntu’s popularity gives its problems more exposure, an opportunity to refine the process and maybe inspire… Lire la suite »

Get paid for your Ubuntu work, from home (or else)

I am kind of surprised none of my colleagues has posted this to Planet Ubuntu before. There have been quite few new positions listed for working at Canonical lately. Some of them are in Brazil, Canada (MONTREAL!), UK, Russia, India, China or Taiwan with regular travel engagements, some others are from home, remote-work. Management, sales,… Lire la suite »