Get paid for your Ubuntu work, from home (or else)

I am kind of surprised none of my colleagues has posted this to Planet Ubuntu before. There have been quite few new positions listed for working at Canonical lately.

Some of them are in Brazil, Canada (MONTREAL!), UK, Russia, India, China or Taiwan with regular travel engagements, some others are from home, remote-work. Management, sales, engineering, development… we have room for everyone 🙂

If you are on LinkedIn and think you have what it takes, contact me and I’ll introduce you – you know being referred from Planet will earn you some extra kharma, eh ? 😀

Take a look…

  1. Technical Pre Sales Engineer
  2. OEM Channel Manager (China)
  3. Product Manager for Mobile Internet Devices
  4. Ubuntu Mobile Engineer
  5. Ubuntu Mobile QA Engineer
  6. Product Manager
  7. Inside Sales Executive
  8. Ubuntu Platform Developer
  9. Senior Application Engineer
  10. Ubuntu Mobile Developer
  11. Ubuntu Server Developer – Virtualisation Specialist
  12. Ubuntu Server Developer
  13. Ubuntu Kernel Developer
  14. Operations Mgr (Montreal)

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  1. hum.. there are mostly jobs for ubuntu server and ubuntu mobile.. there are so many bugs in the Ubuntu desktop and I’d love to see Canonical investing into some upstream technology (like Red Hat does with Pulse Audio) and getting some new GNOME developers who have more time and thus also do some inventions upstream. seb128 seems to be overloaded a little bit to me.

    but probably canonical thinks « hey, the only way to make money with linux currently is to have a good server os and by selling support or by selling a mobile version to mobile phone producers ». and because of that, I ask myself what the difference between Red Hat and Canonical is then. The Enterprise Linux by both companies is provided for free (RHEL indirectly through CentOS, Ubuntu via LTS) and they try to make money by selling support. Really.

    Regarding Red Hat’s work upstream just look at what they do with LTSP now: They really try hard to also enable others to easily package it and to fix issues upstream.

  2. I believe that would most likely fit in community oriented roles. There were a couple announced recently but those positions were filled. I can’t say if there will be more, but I imagine so, just keep checking the jobs page at (bottom, right link).

  3. pirast, such questions can be debated in forums or mailing lists. Reading the link you sent I think Canonical is doing its part.

    I am not usually up for pissing contests, it’s rather rare they are anything except entertaining (in a weird way).

    And since I actually work at Canonical, I couldn’t be as rude and nasty as I’d like to 🙂

  4. What if I’m not on LinkedIn, but still interested in your offer? How about a comment on your blog, is that something you might be interested in?

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