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Si vous aviez un compte sur, cette annonce vous concerne: (traduit de Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance) Ubuntu Forums est en maintenance Il y a eu une violation de la sécurité sur les forums Ubuntu. L’équipe de services informatiques de Canonical travaille fort en ce moment pour rétablir un fonctionnement normal. Cette page… Lire la suite »

Pairing the Logitech Performance MX (and others) to the Unifying Receiver in GNU/Linux

Back in 2009 Logitech introduced the Unifying Receiver, a great way to connect multiple wireless mice and keyboards to one single RF receiver on your PC. The Unifying receiver is uniquely paired to your mice and keyboard. When you buy your devices, they are already paired to the accompanying receiver. They work out of the… Lire la suite »

Debian Quebec is here :)

As many of you already know by now, Debian 7 is here! I’ve been using Debian as my primary work environment for a few months now and Trisquel at home for the past year and a half or so. My advocacy work has changed as a result, and I stopped focusing on Ubuntu, while still… Lire la suite »

New LibrePlanet LiveCode users group

I’ve recently been involved in a project with a customer to set up their development team to use LiveCode on Debian workstations. If you haven’t heard about LiveCode, they recently had 3,342 backers pledge £493,795 of the initial £350,000 goal on Kickstarter. That’s quite an accomplishment! I am not involved in the development part of… Lire la suite »

A nicer LUKS full disk encryption passphrase prompt in Debian 7 (Wheezy)

When installing Debian on a new system, if you don’t install Plymouth and you use full disk encryption, the passphrase prompt will come up in a text console which is not very pleasing to the modern eye: After much experimentation, I found the Joy theme from the available Plymouth themes provided a much better experience.… Lire la suite »