Rogers Canada sucks

What can I say.

Rogers Canada really sucks. It’s really a pitty they were the first to introduce Android devices in Canada. Fortunately now other companies also offer them. I hope Rogers never sells Android devices anymore to anyone.

I just found out 85% of online users agree with me. Now I feel like I am part of a big dysfunctional family.

I am doing my best so 100% of possible Rogers customers (and others too) all know their rates, customer service and technical service suck to no end.

I am so fed up with them I won’t bother explaining why they suck. The above links should provide ample accurate, complete historical data.

Of course there’s a dedicated Rogers Sucks Facebook group.


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    Hi Fabian. This is Mary with Rogers online communications team. I came upon your blog and am sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience.

    I’d like to try to help if I can. If you want to send me some specifics via email, perhaps I can be of assistance?

    Let me know. Take care,

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    I am writing to Mary by email. Here is why I think Rogers Sucks, in a nutshell:

    – They sold me an HTC Dream phone on June 2 2009, at $149 on a 3yr subsidized plan
    – The phone is clearly underpowered for its intended use, crashes often, is restricted (see below)
    – Rogers knew at the time they would not be upgrading such phones.
    – Later on an upgrade plan promising a free HTC Magic (another similarly locked and underpowered phone) was offered to Dream users. I missed the 4 days window in which you could order it, as the 911 problem suspended the offer
    – In August 7 they lowered the price of the subsidized HTC Dream/Magic to $79
    – Voice & data usage tracking were not possible until late September (a full 4 months after launch)
    – In October they changed their data plans cancellation policy, introducing new charges
    – Paid applications are not available in the Marketplace
    – Rogers changed their return policy from 30 to 15 days on July 16
    – On July 1st the price was dropped from $150
    – ROgers offered a $50 on July 1st. Because I bought my device exactly 1 day after the 30 day guarantee, I couldn’t get this rebate
    – SMS charges were introduced/raised on July 6th and Sept. 7 2009

    Some restrictions of the Rogers ROMs:
    – You can’t save apps to SD
    – The phone regularly crashes and reboots spontaneously, under normal use
    – Rogers HTC Dream & Magic can’t show name Caller ID
    – USB Thethering is not available
    – Pictures can be geo-tagged
    – Updates in August 30 caused further problems than solved
    – The « 911 » update effectively locked the phone preventing third party formware installation

    and so on.

    Can’t wait to see Mary’s response. At least this forces me to thoroughly document my problems, on my path to cancel all my services and refuse to pay any penalties.

    Cyanogen’s mod doesn’t show any of the above problems, except perhaps expected lags because the device is clearly underpwoered for its intended use.

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