Weekend ? Contribute to Ubuntu Intrepid

If you’re all bored this weekend (or not) and want to contribute to Intrepid, you need to see this post on the Ubuntu Forums!

Thanks to Peng for pointing this out in the Ubuntu Weblogs which is another *huge* source of interesting Ubuntu bits & pieces!


Une réflexion sur « Weekend ? Contribute to Ubuntu Intrepid »

  1. Unfortunately, this guide understates the importants of a common hurdle new would-be contributors trip over: running ubuntu+1.

    What’s the first question to ask when a bug report comes in against Hardy? « Can you duplicate this in Intrepid? »

    Similarly, when you want to get a new version into Hardy, in many cases it must be in Intrepid first and be backported.

    Certainly, upstreams want code and patches submitted against the latest version rather than something approaching six months old.

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