OpenMoko phone now shipping, new web site launched

As previously announced, the open phone has started shipping its developer preview model. OpenMoko has also become a division of FIC, their OEM provider, who restructured their mobile division so it became OpenMoko, a commercial entity by itself.

From Wikipedia:

OpenMoko is a project to create a smartphone platform using free software. It uses the Linux kernel, together with a graphical user environment built using the X.Org Server and the Matchbox window manager. The OpenEmbedded build framework and ipkg package system are used to create and maintain software packages.

OpenMoko was announced in 2006 by founders First International Computer (FIC). The initial hardware product supporting OpenMoko is the FIC GSM Neo1973 device.

A few links to get you started:


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  1. Nice, didn’t know that Open SmartPhone existed. I loved the YouTube OpenMoko 8 adds.

    Note that I’m looking in to the HTC Touch SmartPhone, not a Open phone but still a real cool one!

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