Making new Ubuntu users happier

When you upgrade to Ubuntu after release, or when one of your friends, family or colleagues installs it for the first time, I trust they will like many of the new features or just appreciate finding everything they need in their new Ubuntu installation. I also trust in some cases they will encounter some of the known issues which at this point (1 week before release) may not be fixed and may not make it but we need to know about. Imagine when someone mentions an issue and you can say « Yeah, I know about it. » and « I reported that bug » / « It’s in the release notes » / « We’re working on it » … « This morning’s updates fixes it » !!!

Don’t miss this opportunity !!!

Ok, this is not as exciting as getting your fingerprint reader to work or customizing window close/maximize buttons positions…

If you consider using Ubuntu 10.10 when it releases (or already do), upgrading to it, or suggesting anyone around you doing so, this would be a good time to read the Maverick Technical Overview 🙂 Making new (or existing, upgrading) Ubuntu users happier also means knowing about its issues before hand, and deciding if you stick to 10.04 LTS, wait a bit longer before upgrading, or else. How else can you help improve such knowledge ?

As many may know, most of Canonical workforce is distributed, but we often get together in sprints where we attack a specific subject. During this week at the Montreal Canonical office we’re having a special event around the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 release. We’re literally sprinting until Friday, on a very busy week during which we’ll wrap-up all the information we have from weeks of testing, bug reporting/triaging, support issues reported by customers, escalated issues, knowledgebase solutions, and more.

Lots of fun! Specially when Boris is around 😉

For our sprint this week in the Montreal support office, my team is focusing on desktop issues within the following areas, among others:

* Networking (wifi, drivers, sharing, printing..)
* Boot / install / post-install issues (upstart, GRUB*, casper..)
* Video (multi-head, setup, legacy drivers..)

Other teams are focusing on server, cloud, and more. It’s interesting Desktop and « other » areas intersect in what most would generally call « corporate » use of Ubuntu – mass deployments, OEM issues, etc. So we’ve also learned to never underestimate even the tiniest Desktop papercuts 🙂

You can see some of the issues and bugs we consider worth knowing before hand in this Delicious bookmarks feed. If you’re interested in contributing to this list, consider using Delicious and tagging with « maverick » and « bug ». We’ve also chosen some more tags representing tasks around them, for example « relnotes » for those issues already in the release notes and « norelnotes » for those without an entry, but which we consider would benefit from being there. Most importantly, please consider filing a bug against the Ubuntu Release Notes project if you feel something should be there to help evaluating going to Ubuntu 10.10.

You will instantly become a better person, I promise.

Back to what we’re doing this week, this is a bit different than most sprints in that we’re not specifically targeting finding a solution for most issues, but rather workarounds or maybe just even making a small note land in the Maverick Technical Overview (which will later become the Release Notes). Given our workflow, we’re also reporting bugs as we go, but I view that mostly as a labor of documenting existing problems, not necessarily advancing their resolution directly – at least not during this week.

So if you have a particular pet peeve that is not in our release notes or Delicious feed, please let me know, I am always interested and curious to share such information.


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  1. Navigue avec Firefox 3.6.10 Firefox 3.6.10 sur Ubuntu 10.10 x64 Ubuntu 10.10 x64

    Hi Fabian, as you are asking for bugs to churn on… I just bought a Dell Vostro V13, a really nice machine, very light and not too expensive. One of the reasons I bought it is that it is Ubuntu Certified (
    However there is a rather serious kernel regression on 10.04 and 10.10 that in particular makes suspend/resume extremely unreliable:

    The only workaround is to use a Karmic kernel…

    I guess it is not easy to fix it before release, but it would be great if you have it on your radar!

  2. Navigue avec Internet Explorer 8.0 Internet Explorer 8.0 sur Windows XP Windows XP

    I’M really surprised and pleased that some *Linux Gourous* are from montreal Q.C, are working on the new 10.04 LTS Ubuntu .
    So here are some of my suggestions Probably u guys have been working on it already ? Well Here is my story anyway.
    I downloaded the summer release of the ubuntu 10.04 LTS system. I had an old machine here I386 pentium3 with 512ram
    Video card onboard and pci lan line on board.
    1/ When i installed it on a new freshly formated (ntfs)hard disk 40g Took the entire disk for the installation. All went smoothly beside a few bugs that i learned how getting around them with a Linux Book for *NULs*
    2/ My first surprise was (To connect with a USB Wireless adapter (mine is a DWA 125 d-link) The ndiswrapper was installed including the ndisgtk so i was able to installed the dtr2870 d-link driver ?? bUT IT DID NOT WORK BECAUSE THE CONCEPTORS OF THE LTS 10.04 UBUNTU RELEASE (LET A BIG BUG IN IT) BY *DEFAULT* THEY INSTALLED IN THE CD A DEFAULT RT2800 DRIVER WHICH IS FORBIDDING ME TO USE AND ACTIVATE MY USB D-LINK DRIVER DTR 2870 EVEN THOUGH IT WAS INSTALLED CORRECTLY AND *PRESENT* IN THE SYS FILE WITH THE DRIVER WAS SYS.FILE FOR D-LINK ATTACHED WITH THE DRT2870.INF FILE )
    By reading a lot on the web ubuntu community joined them (user name *JOHNSUFFER* ) AND REALIZE THAT I had to search for a replacment of the dtr2870 driver by a Rawling chipset driver DPO _rt3070STA_ I found it download it in a usb moveable dr and finally transfer into my linux ubuntu (Download) file into my desktop.
    But i cannot (Archive correctly all those new files ?? linux refused)SO I DONT KNOW HOW TO INSTALL IT ??
    So i am since week stuck with a fully organize machine LOVE tHE way it run BUT NO INTERNET
    I Check those commands with the usb adapter plugged (lshw -C network)
    results shows (PCI (SYSFS) ???
    also with ifconfig (answer) shows (loopback with differents ip addresses but my usb card is named correctly and my mac address ok) At the network manager when it shows connected ok If i check the (Connection information) It shows a usb driver rt2800 the *Stupid* default one with all the IP adress and mask addresses different in a loopback)Even though i blacklist it 3 time with all the components rt2x00usb etc etc and reboot twice ?? Still the default one take control So I decided to wait more months to get a final realeases corrected ok U know guys Mr **Tout le MONDE* would love to work outside of windows controls But We are purchasing USB Adapters at the *source stores* or else and they are pushing us
    d-link belkin or linksys so Ubuntu 10.04
    Hoping u understand all my *brabbbbles* haha!!
    I am A newbie wanting to help others but willing to learn !! Step by step with a lot of patience !
    Tks for all u’r times guys to make a good release working with all kind of communications hardwares ??
    Kindly yours
    John C Del

  3. Navigue avec Firefox 3.6.10 Firefox 3.6.10 sur Ubuntu 10.10 x64 Ubuntu 10.10 x64

    Just upgraded from Lucid to Meerkat on amd64 desktop with dual monitors and am unsure how to file bug report. Catalyst control center isn’t working. The default has my upper monitor in a very low graphics mode and the lower monitor thinks it’s to the right. When I start CCC either in regular or admin mode, the box physically appears on the lower monitor. When I try to reach it with my mouse, the entire display resets/blinks and requires the password upon crossing the boundary between the monitors. The regression appears infinite, with no way to correct either the display properties or dual display. If I restart after pulling the plug on one monitor, I can reach CCC. It tells me that I can’t adjust the display properties until disablin xinerama, but there’s no way to do that. When I restart and connect the second monitor, it’s in clone mode, and still no way to enable the different displays and/or xinerama. I realize you’re probably all tired after the great effort to get Maverick out on time, but please get this ati proprietary driver issue solved…

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