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de | 14 avril 2010

Thank you Jacob! It took me a few minutes today to install Inkscape, load your Ubuntu business card template and adapt it for my usage – with the new branding! it’s the first time I’ll use that benefit of being an Ubuntu Member. If you are an Ubuntu Member, make sure you check other benefits available to you.

We have quite a few events coming up in the Ubuntu Quebec LoCo team so I figured it would also be a good idea to put our web site address on it too.

2010-04-14 16.18.04.jpg

Interestingly enough, the print shop clerk asked me what I had created my template with, of course he had never heard of Inkscape and… the rest is history 🙂 To make a long story short he still thought Linux was for server only! He also asked why Linux had gone away. His face when I explained what a LoCo is and why I was printing such cards was priceless. I am bringing a Live CD with me tomorrow so I can show him the magic.

Never underestimate how many people have no idea about Ubuntu, much less any free software!


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  1. Jacob Peddicord
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    Wow, that was quick! I haven’t even ordered mine yet. 😀

  2. Efrain Valles
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    I still remember that Chinese girl in the little restaurant, she was just as amussed when you showed there was an Open Source Operating system that spoke her language.

    You are a true Ubuntero, taking the dealings everywhere you go

  3. Duda Nogueira
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    Oh, Ubuntu Quebec!

    Oh, Canada!

    I Miss Canada so much!! Some day I’ll get back, then We’ll grab a beer, again!

    Best Regards, Fabian!

  4. Bizcare
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    I am still looking forward to the day we have the opportunity to print one of these Ubuntu business cards. We have seen several organizations, but so far no Ubuntu. Nice card.

    1. MagicFab Auteur de l’article
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      That’s either very intelligent SPAM or a human being. I’ll trust my instinct 😉

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