How to upgrade to Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) ?

Introducing… The Ubuntu Upgrade Wizard 🙂

If you’ve wondered how to upgrade from from 8.04 LTS or from Ubuntu 9.10 to Lucid Lynx (soon-to-be 10.04 LTS), you may find the above link useful.

It’s a little experiment in documentation built in « Choose-your-own-Adventure » fashion. I don’t mean to replace any official docs but I’d like to have comments if anyone thinks it’s useful or how to improve it.

Upgrade Wizard wiki guide

Please note this is NOT an applications – it is only a wiki guide meant to be followed by clicking on corresponding links!

I am using this as part of a set of internal tools for support (as Canonical staff are encouraged to upgrade to beta versions during development cycles) but also as a community tool to help follow best practices.I’ve also integrated links to IRC and the Answers section of Launchpad – I believe integrating live chat and the question/answer facility may help too.

The target here is beginners but also experienced Ubuntu users that seek an easy way to help someone upgrade.

Let me know what you think.

BTW I’ve focused on 8.04LTS and 9.10 but if anyone is willing to document upgrading from the other versions using the same conventions just let me know.


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    Looks interesting. Is there a reason that you’ve posted the guide to the team wiki rather than the documentation wiki? If not, I’d suggest moving it to the latter.

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    Hello Fabian I have a question.

    If I upgrade now to lucid will my instalation get out of beta when the stable version is released or i will have to uninstall the beta and install the stable?

    Thank you

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    @Matthew – I wanted to have feedback & comments – consider this the beta release of the guide 🙂

    @sfantu – good point. Yes, your installation will becom 10.04LTS once it’s released. You will NOT have to reinstall. In fact upgrading during RC (so, between April 22 and April 29) is what many do to avoid the release and post-release congestion.

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      I wouldn’t worry about it being in beta stage. A lot of pages on the help wiki are a lot less developed than this. If it’s user help (and I think that this is) then it should be on the help wiki.

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