Dear Lazy Web: are Sony Memory Stick (MS) and Memory Stick Pro (MSP) Ubuntu-friendly ?

I’ve just filed Bug #237369,JMicron card reader (152d:2339) in HP Pavilion 2035la doesn’t support Memory Stick Pro (MSP) for a friend in the #ubuntu-co channel that has an HP Pavilion DV 2035la (or DV 2000 series as they call it). I was a bit surprised that Sony Memory Stick (MS) and Memory Stick Pro (MSP) cards would not be supported yet and I am seeing contradictory reports on this.

Apparently MS* support is card-reader specific, and this one’s USB id (152d:2339) doesn’t seem very common.

If anyone knows what the status of MS* support is in Linux (and Ubuntu specifically), I’ll gladly stop writing keyword intensive posts like this one 🙂


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  1. I have a working MS/MS Pro reader in Fedora Core 4 (2.6.14, so ages old), so it’s likely to be a card-reader specific problem.

    (ID 55aa:b012 OnSpec Electronic, Inc.)

  2. The MS Pro works in my PSP. There was a bug in Gutsy — if you deleted a file through the PSP, Gutsy would show the wrong free space — but it seems to have been corrected in Hardy.

  3. If your card reader’s chipset is from Texas Instruments, memory sticks are supported.

    For any other card reader, there is no support, as far as I know.

  4. +1 for the PSP.
    I use various MS Pro Duo through the USB interface of the PSP without any problem.

  5. I have a cheap ‘n’ nasty external USB 2.0 cardreader which among other things does MS/MS-PRO and it works out of the box on Feisty onwards at least.

    I also have an oldish Intel-based Vaio with a Memory Stick slot in it (marked Magic Gate whatever the heck that it). That only worked (Hardy) after I downloaded and compiled a module I found by Googling. Now it works fine, except that I have to remember to « make && sudo make install » every time I get a kernel upgrade!

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