Ubuntu 8.04 release party in Montreal

This is an invitation to all who will be in or around Montreal, QC, Canada next April 24th. Full party info and details at:

We’ll be partying real hard at St-Sulpice bar and I hear other parties are organizing in Quebec province.

I’d also like to challenge other party organizers, do you think you can have the biggest party out there ? Last time we had close to 200 people in Montreal, this time we are a bit better organized. One specific thing that has helped us a lot is inviting people IN ADVANCE and PERSONALLY 🙂 We welcome all to copy and improve our french and english invitation.

We are also using a Facebook event for RSVPs, local mailing lists and contacting media. We’ve lined up a few sponsors too for swag (and more). Any further ideas ?



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  1. Hey man! It’s the St Sulpice, not St Sulpice (from memories a few years back). Besides, « supplice » in French is the kind of extreme suffering you get from being tortured, nothing you want for a release party 🙂

    Have fun, I wish I could be back there. Montreal is the best place!

  2. The Ubuntu 8.04 release party in Montreal is going to set the benchmark in term of release-party-coolness-factor for a long time. Mark my words!

  3. Dude.. can minors ( like 14-15 year olds) go to this bar. Me and my friend want to go. If so, can we get a lift from the West Island? Pointe-Claire??

  4. i dont understand what is the installfest

    can the organizers of this party make a party for the next release where ppl under 18 can go?

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  6. Bon, j’ai manquer le gros party pour 8.04.
    Comment ca ete? Ya pas eu trop de hooligans BSD qui ont foutu le bordel j’espere? 😉

    I guess I’ll have to catch up for the 8.10 release this fall.
    If its still going to be on October 30th, should ge quite a bash smack in Halloween party season time.
    And you just know some fanboi will come dressed as a cosmonaut!
    Moi, je metterais mon costume de gorille et je crierais « Developers, developers! » comme un debile.

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