How to setup CD-ROM booting in your BIOS

Today while helping a friend boot from BIOS so he could you-know-what I found this great guide illustrating how to set your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM… for 11 different BIOSes in one page! Booting from CD-ROM and actually burning an Ubuntu CD or DVD image remains the first (often) most difficult step when someone is moving to or trying Ubuntu.

That’s really awesome if you ask me. But how does one take screenshots of BIOS ? Well, you don’t. You just take note of the text positioning, colors and other details AND YOU HAND CODE IT IN HTML! Use your broser’s « View source » functionality to see that code. ANSI anyone ?

Man, let’s buy this person a camera so he/she spends more time doing other useful documentation, not hand-coding screenshots! I am still in shock.