I backed NovaCut. Have you ?


$20,193 pledged of $25,000 goal

69 hours to go

I really like the ideas and work presented by Novacut, so I decided to help the project by pledging some money to it. You can do it too.

Here’s a fan video (by filmmakers, heh) that explains well why this project is important – Ubuntu logo included. If you haven’t read DoctorMo’s Letter to Creative Industry, take a look – then share it with anyone you may know in the film industry. You can also read about Novacut on the Yorba blog. Yorba makes Shotwell, the photo management app that replaced F-Sport in Ubuntu – and Lombard, a video editor for Gnome. Some heavy criticism also comes via Danny Piccirillo’s earlier post. Read the comments in Danny’s blog post, many people bring positive support to Novacut, which I agree with. I hope current FLOSS editors continue evolving and can hook into Novacut (or the other way around) and we can all have a huge mash up someday.

Oh, there is also a wiki page with most useful links to the project as it relates to Ubuntu.