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de | 20 août 2009

ShareThis is an interesting service that presents a few dozen online sharing services and social web site in one convenient dialog, so anyone can share the page they are looking at.

If you’d like to see added to that service, fill the form at:

Here is the information you’ll need:

… and of course your name, email and comments.

Here’s the comment I’d suggest adding, make sure it’s not identical or they may think some automated script is sending them repeat requests!:

Hi, I’ve noticed the micro-blogging service is missing from your list of sharing tools. I’d like to request this to be added to ShareThis. You can find out more about at:

Thanks in advance for considering my request.


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  1. shirish
    Navigue avec Google Chrome Google Chrome sur Windows XP Windows XP

    Hi Fabian,
    Did as you asked 🙂

  2. Børge A. Roum
    Navigue avec Shiretoko 3.5.3pre Shiretoko 3.5.3pre sur Ubuntu 9.04 Ubuntu 9.04

    Great initiative! But you’ve got one too many « / » in the Submission URL. 🙂

  3. Paul
    Navigue avec Firefox 3.5.2 Firefox 3.5.2 sur Mac OS X  10.5 Mac OS X 10.5

    I like the grassroots effort here! We’ve added to the list of social web services to add to our next version.

    –Paul at ShareThis

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