Drupal 5.x and 6.x LoCo Suite Released

David Giard, a founding member of the Ubuntu Quebec LoCo Team, relayed these news to me this morning (via The Fridge):

NOT A FORK – as soon as I posted this I got a comment about this being a fork, well, it’s not! It’s a collection of modules and a theme, which are managed via a project in Launchpad. This is not a separate fork of Drupal! 🙂

Drupal 5.x and 6.x LoCo Suite Released

That long needed suite of tools has finally been completed.

This suite is designed for any Ubuntu Local Communities wanting to host a website. It is designed to allow any LoCo team to quickly create a website using Drupal for their team.

What this suite offers:

  • An approved theme for any LoCo
  • A highly customizable theme
  • Launchpad OpenID integration
  • -> Users don’t need to create an account on your site
  • Launchpad Teams integration
  • -> Can control access levels in site based on LP team memberships
  • Fast and friendly support

Official project: launchpad.net/loco-drupal/

Release Downloads:

Drupal 5.x: launchpad.net/loco-drupal/5.x/0.5.0

Drupal 6.x: launchpad.net/loco-drupal/6.x/1.1.0

Drupal 7.x: in development

A Special Thanks:

This project would not be possible without all the collaboration involved.

The Ubuntu South Dakota Local CommunityMichael Lustfield

The Ubuntu Quebec Local CommunityDavid Giard

Joey Stanford

Stuart Metcalfe


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