The growing Ubuntu Marketplace

My daily tasks at Canonical as a support analyst include watching for new Ubuntu Marketplace registration requests from all over the world, processing them and providing any needed assistance. Since I speak spanish, I often get assigned requests from Latin America and Spain, and lately we have been getting a steady increase of people doing business with Ubuntu in a number of creative ways. Here are some of them:

  • Koolu – Toronto, Canada. The Koolu Ubuntu Thin Client KTC101 is certified by Canonical and provides and excellent thin client platform, with exceedingly low costs. The KTC101 utilizes some of the most leading edge and important FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Projects in the world including Asterisk, CU Wireless solutions, Firefox, MythTV and OpenOffice. Brian Code from Koolu was nice enough to accept converting their presentation video to Ogg Theora, although it’s not linked from their website.
  • SOHO IT Support, San Francisco, CA, USA – Providers of Linux, Mac OS X and open source technology support services for small businesses. Our clients range from cutting-edge hedge funds to non-profits focused on providing their clients with the best service. We also support individuals and households – who said home users didn’t deserve some helping hands ?
  • Wolfland Computers – The first place I’ve seen selling Ubuntu and Windows Vista-based computers side-by-side.
  • E-Racks – That’s right, Ubuntu rack-mounted servers!
  • Venezuela Marketplace – strangely, after several Cuba & Venezuela government officials announced collaboration projects on open source software, we got several requests for information and marketplace registrations. Coincidence ? I think not!
  • EfficientPC, York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Sellers Of Ubuntu Linux computer systems, designed with compatibility and quietness in mind. EfficientPC also sells a range of Ubuntu MythTV systems!

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