The single most important thing you should know about Ubuntu…

… if you’re new around or if you’re introducing someone else to Ubuntu for the first time, I think a critical read is the following link:

Painfully obvious ? Rightfully so.

Many new (and old) « converts » ask questions about how to compile applications, manually install .deb packages… those should be the last one needs to do when installing applications in Ubuntu (or any Linux for that matter), at least when you want to keep the system as close as possible to regular, supported security/feature updates and upgrades as possible.

I am still a bit surprised when I get a comment like « I’ve been trying to compile/install XYZ for a few days/hours » and there almost always is a solution using packages part of the regular repositories! For those special cases when there isn’t I have a million suggestions, but compiling is far from the top of my list.

Another friendly advice, also consider asking on the Launchpad « Answers » system or showing your new converts how to do that, many times you may find things in Ubuntu are done in a slightly different way – not always obvious, most of the time easier. Don’t take my word for it 😉 Asking where or how to get help is OK too.

Last but not least, provides links to official docs, free community support and even commercial options. Chances are there is a Local Community Team in your area, know it, promote it, join it, use it!

There’s only one better thing than discovering Ubuntu, and that is knowing where its community is and how to tackle into it and even participate in it. I’ve found when new users are empowered to do this, they don’t have to depend on me at all for future support! Well, unless they want 24/7 immediate phone support, that is 😉


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    Comprehensive package management is the single most dramatic feature that makes Ubuntu and other Linuxes superior to OSX.

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