Ubuntu wins « Best Desktop Solution » at Linux World Expo 2008

I just wanted to extended a huge « thank you! » to all of the Ubuntu community 🙂 Today Ubuntu won the « Best Desktop Solution » Product Excellence Award at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2008 in San Francisco, California for a second consecutive year.

From the site:

« Judged by a group of respected industry experts managed by LinuxWorld.com, the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards recognize product and service innovations by LinuxWorld® and NGDC exhibitors.

Product Excellence Awards are divided into 12 product categories, including a “Best of Show,” that represent major areas of innovation in the Linux and open source community. « 

Last but not least, I also want to thank all of my colleagues who were pretty busy at the booth, and of course those taking care of all things Ubuntu in the 22 countries where we have employees – including Zaïd Al Hamami, Kurt von Finck, David Bensimon and Adilson Olveira who fired last-minute comments that helped me put the finishing touches to the Ubuntu Desktop presentation. Cheers to all!

Now off to that FSF Pizza Party!


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  1. LinuxWorld Expo apparently wants registrations for their boring press releases, though I don’t understand why. It’s available on the normal press release aggregators like Yahoo!…

  2. Congratulations to Ubuntu! They deserve this type of recognition. When I started using UNIX in the mid-1980s, the GUI hadn’t been invented yet and EVERYTHING had to be done from a command line. All these years later I still prefer the CLI method of getting things done, but that hasn’t kept me from keeping up with « modern » Linux distros. I have Ubuntu installed on all of my computers and think it’s great.

  3. Well done !
    Congratulations to everyone – users, coders, community, upstreamers, downstreamers, debian, the list goes on – yes many thousands.

    But don’t rest, must all keep at it to make it better!

    Have been happy with Ubuntu for the last 20 months, and 8.04.1 is the best.

  4. Great!

    Ubuntu has been my distro of choice and for my near computer illiterate wife. It has the power of linux with a lot of ease of use. All they have to do is fix wireless (mine wasn’t too hard, but it is turning my brother off who is trying it on his acer laptop) and it would be near perfect.

    I also like the dark theme that was being floated for hardy. Gotta change the default, so long as it doesn’t become something blue.

    Finally, congrats and thanks to all involved, but a special thanks to all you Debian people – I know a lot of you dislike ubuntu – but we users are truly appreciative of what you have done and without you, none of this could occur.

  5. I’ve been using Ubuntu since Dapper, the LTS conviced me at the time and now i’m running Hardy in 10 computers.

    Congratulations to all of the Ubuntu community.

  6. When everybody’s finished patting each other on the back, get back to work on a stable PS3 installation.

  7. I’ve gotta say, in 3 years, this HH 8.04 is the first distro I could hand to a Windows-only, DIY-builder, and say that it will be as easy or easier to install than OEM Vista/XP/2000 … love it or hate it, I really think it’s a contender in the big show. I’m not an MC** certified pro, but I’ve built out enough systems to know the pro-sumer experience …

  8. Great!!!

    I used many distributions like Red Hat’s 7.1 – 9, Fedora’s, Mandrake’s/Mandriva, but anything of this distribution is pratical than ubuntu desktop. I’ve a passion for debian system and ubuntu make debian more pratical to use in corporation . The next target is Ubuntu server (I use in my jobs )for the « The Best Server Solution » :-).
    I am happy with the Canonical that soon will launch Alfresco(Great ECM solution) via apt-get… wowwww it’s fantastic!!! Ubuntu Server have great solutions.
    Congratulations Ubuntu!!!

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