What to do during the holidays ? Ubuntu online training!

It’ s been some time now that Savoir-faire Linux made available their Ubuntu Online Training courses, using Moodle. After trying their demo preview course (registration reqd’) I was very impressed and Yanick Cyr, a good friend of mine at SFL gave me access to the first level full course.

Shameless plug ? You bet. SFL is one of our local FLOSS success stories. I know Yanick worked his ass off on this and the result is a very complete, polished course with excellent resources. Not only do you get access to content from the official Ubuntu Training material (as SFL is an Ubuntu training partner), but SFL has gone as far as setting up regular live chat sessions, acces to a virtual Ubuntu server, quizzes, video screencasts and even a dynamically generated certificate… which you only get if you score high enough in the quizzes! And they have many other courses available.

I’ll save some of the excitement for next week when I get time to gather the screenshots I have and give a virtual tour of their course.

Well done Yanick and SFL!


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