Regarding patents and Ubuntu

Almost two moths ago I remember reading that Canonical signed a License Agreement with Open Invention Network, but I can’t remember seeing much mentions of that – or any commentary. Earlier today I found some interesting questions and discussion in this blog post, however I’d be interested in revisiting that announcement with the information we have today, in particular the recent Microsoft deals and FUD around those. Well, dear lazy web, you know what I mean by I would be interested in… 🙂

The Open Invention Network site has interesting links about their licensing, the patents they own, and other details.


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  1. so happy you poited this agreement out to me. it really helped me to feel some relief. as far as the comments on the blog post are concerned- i am reasonably certain that i know luis and understand the perspective which he brings to this discussion, in fact that was really one of the most reassuring thing about this whole reading.

  2. Dear Fabian
    how do you think Canonical is earning money?
    How do you think Novell is earning money?
    How do you think RedHat is earning money?
    How do you think <insert your fav software comapany in here> is earning money?

    Start growing up. OpenSource is a business. A real world business, with much money involved. Not a « I’m playing in a sandbox » business.
    This is real business. This is real money. Not an « ubuntu » business.

    Free Software movement is not as it was in the past. Even the old farts of the good’ol’times are earning money nowadays with OpenSource.

    Patens are evil, but for earning money, hey, it’s business, you can tell the customer what you want, they will swallow it, and I’m earning money.

    Pal, grow up, or did you think that Mark is the re-born Messiah?

    regarding you and this writer should grow up. we are not children, we are earning money, it’s business.

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