Ubuntu BumpTop – You know you want it

So I missed DemoCamp Montreal again, though JP had invited me… 🙁 I was busy spreading some Ubuntu love elsewhere (more on that later).

It seems he found BumpTop to be really nice. I remember seeing a demo about this some time ago, not sure where (online). They’re actually implementing it and hiring to ge it done. Come on! You know you want this running on Ubuntu 🙂 Can’t we sneak someone in there ?


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  1. I came across lowfat at the time I found about BumTop too…! Had completedly forgotten about it. Thanks for the link!

  2. Looks awesome! Both Lowfat and Bumptop look like great next-gen desktop replacements. Would LOVE to see one (the other, or both) enter Ubuntu! Both seem to have similar actions and ability. Bumptop seems to be a bit further along in development but Lowfat looks to be a worthy open-source version.

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