I am a SIPphone.com reseller

It’s now official, I’ve just become a SIPphone reseller for Colombia. It’s been several years I’ve been using various VoIP technologies (including but not limited to SIP) and after several months of field testing, it’s done!

I am partnering with several businesses in Colombia and Quebec province, we’ll initially be providing local support in french, english and spanish, on-site installation and basic training for the D-Link VoIP router. I still don’t know how I’ll be calling this « division » of my services 🙂

I already have 5 units installed among family and friends over there, we are rolling out an initial 100 units in Cali and Bogotá. It is weird that I had to actually give away the first few units before anyone including my parents would believe this system is 100% free (except for the initial hardware costs). Bandwidth is not cheap in Colombia but most people that are already paying more than 50 U$/mo. forlong distance have an average return of investment time of 3 months!

If you want to try this technology and SIPPhone.com’s network, feel free to try the Gizmo Project and call me at 1-747-600-5685 .