Donating to Free Software projects

I just donated U$100 to the Mailman project, following a post by an MLUG member. There’s this big contradiction and misunderstanding that the word « Free » when refering to IT and software would mean « gratis ». .. Perhaps I am naive in thinking that if others know when I donate to Open Source software projects, they’ll also chip-in.

As I was writing this message to a member asking why his email address was posted and archived on the web when using Mailman, I decided to make the donation.

It’s becoming a habit, part of the economics of becoming a full-time Free/Open Source software advocate and consultant.

I have also donated to other projects like WordPress, Mozilla, PDFCreator, Ubuntu, Asterisk (for creation of Asterisk – Quebec localized audio files)… It seems almost unfair this deserves any media exposure but some believe it does.

I guess it feels good but as I said just earlier in this post, it’s starting to feel very normal 🙂


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