Air Canada sucks – still waiting for child’s seat

I rarely post about personal stuff here but I have to ask – how would you deal with your airline losing track of your child’s car seat ? It’s been since saturday that we landed in Colombia and Air Canada still hasn’t found a way to ship it here!

I can call directly to Montreal since I brought my VoIP router and all calls there are local. It’s been nice to be able to « check my claim file online », but it’s not much help when it always says « we’re still looking for your luggage »!

Today the latest excsue I had for another 3 days wait was that they have to carefully balance the weight on the plane and therefore they haven’t been able to send the car seat. I have to question whoever chose to ship my clothes instead of the car seat!

Update: The seat was actually seant to Rome, Italy and it was another 3 days until it finally travelled back to us! I’ll spare the details of the phone cock-fight we had to engage to get them to deliver it to us (they asked us to go to Bogotá to pick it up!).


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  1. Salut Fabian,

    je revenais voir si tu avais du nouveau avec Air Canada. Je ne savais pas que tu étais parti y’a quelques semaines, j’espère que ton séjour se passe bien.

    À bientôt !

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