Social engineering your way into a packed club

A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference I won’t name in a city I won’t name, with another open source fan I have to name. Monday PM we were off the conference, looking for some action – is that remotely possible outside Montreal ?

Sure enough, the hotel people directed us to the local spot, just 2 blocks from where we were staying! Yeah right, we tought to ourselves.

Well, it turns out the place was packed and there was this huge line-up outside, at least 200 people waiting. I dragged my friend straight to the door where the tough looking doorman almost ignored me until I introduced myself and I just asked « Perhaps I could do something so we get inside soon ? ». Of course I was hoping he’d understand my body language the right way (meaning, here’s a quick 20$ for you).

« Of course 5$ will do it, just not here. I’ll catch up with you guys inside so other staff won’t notice. Just wait a few secs. ». Five ? Hell, that’s CHEAP! Sure enough about 5 minutes later we went in. Perhaps my black Mozilla polo helped ?

Best thing is he never found us inside (yes, it was packed!). When we left I offered to fulfil my part of the deal but the guy was surrounded with staff so this was actually free.

I love Mozilla 😉


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  1. The thing is I didn’t pay anything! OK, I admit social engineering by definition would also mean I didn’t havy any intention to pay to begin with… but this was a free ride 😀

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