Primera DS360 Disc Shredder

Primera Technology today announced its DS360 Disc Shredder, a compact and heavy-duty shredder that ensures business and personal security by completely destroying CDs and DVDs for U$ 130. (via

It’s interesting that these devices are getting more attention. A few weeks ago I found out about another so-called DVD/CD shredder from Alera Technologies only to discover it was a device that actually scratched the surface of the media without destroying it completely! I guess it’s still nice to have a cheap device, but a CD « destroyed » this way may result more attracting to trash explorers. They also carry a destructive shredder, though.

Their cheaper version is almost half the price as destructive devices and it’s been suggested you can still recover the information. Still, they provide an excellent list of reasons to use a destructive shredder in their FAQ:

I do not deal with a lot of sensitive information, why should I have to be concerned about shredding DVDs or CDs?

It’s not just financial records that should be destroyed rather than tossed out with the trash. There are many records that appear innocent that can be dangerous:

  • Phone lists:
  • Helps map out the power structure of the company, and gives possible account names, and is essential in appearing as a member of the organization.

  • Emails:
  • Reveal activities inside the target organization.

  • Policy manuals:
  • Today’s employee manuals give instructions on how not to be victimized by hackers, and likewise help the hacker know which attacks to avoid, or at least try in a different manner than specified in the policy manual.

  • Calenders of events:
  • Tells the hackers when everyone will be elsewhere and not logged into the system. Best time to break in.

  • System Manuals:
  • Tells the hackers about new systems that they can break into. Organizational changes, such as mergers, acquitistions, and « re-orgs »

In the wrong hands can leave a company in disarray.

Other destructive shredders in the same price range (even a little cheaper) include the MD 100 from Royal and the combo (paper+CD/DVD) PS80C-2 by Fellowes. I’m still longing for a model that will send the CD / DVD pieces to a separate bin for recycling purposes so I don’t have to get two separate devices, though.


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