Bronze in weightlifting for Colombia

Bronze en pesas para Colombia - AFPThe Olympics are the talk of the day – every day, it seems. I find myself in a strange sports-fan situation, following both Canada’s and Colombia’s teams. I’m sure you’ll hear plenty about Canada’s victories, so I wanted to let everyone know that today Mabel Mosquera, a colombian weightlifter, won us a bronze medal.


You can read all about the Colombian olympic team on the Olympics official site.


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  1. Thanks for the link to El Tiempo, I read El Pais, which is the Cali portal more. I am also proud that a Colombian won. I love when Colombia excels at positive things.

    Que Viva Colombia.

    As far as Canada, I was hoping that they were going to do a little better on swimming (the only event I have watched. 200m Men)

    I am not glued to the TV but I do like watching the Olympics, lets see how the week goes.

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