Using encrypted disk partitions and containers

While reading the Psi forums, I came accross someone talking about encrypted partitions. Two ways of doing this were mentioned.

Using Dekart Private Disk Light

Included in Windows 2000 / NT:
Working With NTFS Encryption

I haven’t tried any of those, but I use E4M (Encryption for the masses) daily, as its source code is available. E4M’s original author and ScramDisk’s author created a new disk encryption system but they are not releasing its source code (as explained in their FAQ).

Why is this bad ? Because I can’t be sure they are not including a backdoor in the software. However they are very open in their answers to such questions. Why do I insist on this even though I am still running Windows 2000 (for which I don’t have source code) ? My data may be more interesting to the occasional burglar or hacker, but I don’t consider myself a U.S. government target (yet) 😉

I may change my choice of OS someday soon, but that’s another story… 🙂


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    I have made available the files for E4M along with the original PGP signatures from the author, which I found through

    e4m202a.exe, .asc – Patch release which fixes the unmount button bug in version 2.02, this download is a full copy of the program, there is no need to also download version 2.02

    The signature can be verified against OpenPGP key ID 0xE7959B99 . The key should identify itself as Paul Le Roux – .

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