Voici les 15 derniers liens parmi mes trouvailles et lectures.

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  • 12 août 2022 – OpenERV, the Open Energy Recovery Ventilator
    A simple and efficient device to improve air quality while saving power. — Permalink
  • 4 août 2022 – PAC MAN Desk Mat – Home Office Accessories
    If you love playing Pac-Man you will want this super cool 30cmX80cm desk mat to accessorize and add some retro arcade game style to your office desk or work area. — Permalink
  • 3 août 2022 – Open Energy Recovery Ventilator
    Fresh air all year round! #OpenERV mounts in a window to exchange polluted air from inside with clean air from outside, without the heating/cooling problems of an open window. Great for houses, apartm …
  • 2 août 2022 – Custom Analog Technologies | Split Flaps | Oat Foundry
    Oat Foundry builds the analog Split Flap Display which uses modern technology while maintaining old-school functionality. — Permalink
  • 2 août 2022 –
    Au Québec certaines municipalités organisent une "fin de semaine" de vente de garage ou vente-débarras. Ce site compile une liste des municipalités et dates de ces ventes mais aussi des cons …
  • 2 août 2022 – The Ultimate Open Source Game Engine Advertisement
    The Machinery proprietary game engine appears to have just shut down, changing their EULA and demanding all users delete their work within 14 days. In doing soo, they might have just written the ultim …
  • 1 août 2022 – Get RSS Feed URL for 🦊 Firefox
    Retrieve RSS feeds URLs from a WebSite. — Permalink
  • 31 juillet 2022 – Retro computers papercraft models by Rocky Bergen
    Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share. Print, Cut, Score, Fold and Glue. — Permalink
  • 31 juillet 2022 – New OS For Commodore 64 Adds Modern Features | Hackaday
    #C64OS is a completely new operating system for the Commodore machines. It includes switchable desktop workspaces, a windowing system, draggable icons, a Mac-style menu bar at the top, and drop-down m …
  • 28 juillet 2022 – BackBit Pro Cartridge – BackBit
    The BackBit Pro cartridge that can read/write to MicroSD allows you to get the best use out of your vintage hardware. Individual adapters expand functionality to multiple devices. One adapter is inclu …
  • 28 juillet 2022 – BBS: The Documentary : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming
    Long before the Internet connected the planet and changed nearly evertying, there was a brave and pioneering band of computer users who spent their time, money and sanity setting up their home compute …
  • 28 juillet 2022 – The Computer Chronicles: Tandy / Radio Shack Computers
    Many computer users got their start with the #TRS-80, the #Tandy Color Computer, or the Model 100 portable computer. This program looks at the role Radio Shack played in the early launch of personal c …
  • 28 juillet 2022 – The Story of the Playstation (Complete Series) [feat. Drunk Metroid] – YouTube
    What started as a partnership to create a CD add-on for the super nintendo, quickly morphed into open feud between the biggest player in gaming, Nintendo, and electronics giant, Sony. What followed wa …
  • 28 juillet 2022 – The Story of Super Mario World | Gaming Historian
    A documentary on the making of Super Mario World, the launch of the Super Nintendo, and how the game perfected the concepts of the Super Mario series. — Permalink
  • 26 juillet 2022 – Vintage Computer Federation
    The Vintage Computer Federation is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission is to preserve computing history through education, outreach, conservation, and restoration. We strive to accomplish this through f …

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