CBC used to have a strict editorial policy

It’s one of those days… Read on for a good laugh…

A year ago…

Subject: Re: Rép. : Headlines in RSS format ?
To: CBC Headlines Service
Date: 09/17/2004 12:49 PM

>>> « F. Rodriguez » wrote @ 09/03 10:09 pm
>>> […] I’d like to receive your headlines in RSS format. It’s more
>>> convenient and fast, not to mention less bandwidth intensive.

CBC Headlines Service wrote:
>> […]
>> We have the regret to announce to you that CBC does not provide a RSS
>> or XML feed for external use due to our strict Editorial policy. If
>> you wish to publish CBC news on your site, please subscribe to the
>> CBC Free Headlines service at:http://cbc.ca/freeheadlines

>> Best regards,
>> Marie-Josée Houle
>> Customer service
>> CBC/Radio-Canada affiliation program
>> Headlines service headlines@cbc.ca

Bonjour Mme. Houle,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I understand the desire for editorial control over your content, but would like to point that CBC and Radio-Canada may be missing the opportunity to measure and know their potential RSS/XML audience. By not providing direct access using this format, visitors will use alternative means, like dodgeit.com anonymous email accounts with RSS

Those with a sense of ethics and respect for such policies (like me) will simply end up using other news sources that do provide such formats:

Government of Canada -http://news.gc.ca/cfmx/ccnews/xml/rss/National_en.xml
Le Devoir – http://www.ledevoir.com/rss/ledevoir.xml
Reuters – http://www.reuters.com/newsrss.jhtml

…to name just a few.

As a concerned canadian citizen and advocate of open, free standards use, I’d like to reiterate my desire of seing RSS/XML feed support for your news. Should you have any questions or comments, I’ll be happy to address them.

Many thanks for your time and dedication,

Fabián Rodríguez
Montreal, QC, Canada


http://www.cbc.ca/rss/ !


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