Computer Security Lecture at Atwater Library

This coming Wednesday, December 1st I’ll be giving a lecture in English on how to cope with various risks and problems related to computer security – this is for non-nerds 🙂 But all are welcome. French events coming soon… stay tuned!

During this particular mostly non-technical lecture I’ll be talking (and listening!) about:

  • Digital security: myths & truths
  • Trusting your environment: The computer, The Network, The people
  • Risks and problems for businesses and people: know them, expect them, address them
  • Best practices and solutions to solve and prevent security and
    privacy invasion problems
  • How can open source sofware help you ?

… and of course, Mozilla 🙂

Check their November newsletter where this was also mentioned.

This is part of a series of conferences and classes on open-source software and informatics I’ll be giving in several libraries and non-profit organizations. I’ll also be introducing FACIL, a advocacy group for those interested in promoting free, open-source software and open-standards. Stay tuned !

Update: Some of the products and sites I’ll be mentioning:

  • – GNU Privacy Guard
  • – Home of the Search & Destroy « cleanware » application
  • – Etherscan, a packet sniffer
  • – Home of the free AVG AntiVirus
  • – Psi, secure instant messaging with Jabber and OpenPGP
  • – Mozilla Thunderbird, secure email with Enigmail and OpenPGP
  • – TrueCrypt – secure file containers using AES / Blowfish etc.
  • – WikiPedia, a great open, free, online encyclopedia
  • – Ubuntu – a (mostly) user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution
  • –, the free, open-source office applications suite

Update 2: The lecture slides are now available.